CNC Turning Service Working Principle

This is a great simplistic overview of the process!

Trending Machinery

Automation is one of the must-have components of the work of almost all industries, particularly in those areas where minimal to no human intervention is required. Better explained, the automation (so-called automatic control) represents the use of different control systems for operating equipment, like manufacturing machinery, switching in telephone networks, aircraft/ships steering and stabilization, and countless other applications.

The 21st century automation reflects a state-of-the-art technology that applies three main types of systems: electronic, mechanical and computer-based systems that are crucial for operating and controlling the production.

CNC Explained

The simplest definition of the computer numerical control (CNC) is that it is a machine controlled by a computer. The outer appearance of the CNC turning machine is quite similar to the external appearance of an NC machine. Tutor Keyboard, Computer Keyboard or tape can be used as an input media for a CNC turning machine.


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